lundi 13 décembre 2010

Why this book and this blog?

IT is ubiquitous in the company. It is an undeniable source of competitive advantages if it is well managed. However, the IT keeps the reputation of being ‘isolated’, complex and too expensive. Their managers – the Chief Information Officers – struggle to be heard within management committees.

Today, several factors force to questioning: the evolution of usages and related technologies, the emergence of new generations born with a computer and the direct solicitations from IT providers to operational management. IT must reinvent its positioning within the company.

This is the objective of the book (and of this blog dedicated to IT as transformation factor for the organizations), written both for CIOs and members of management committees, as well as for students who wish to acquire robust competences in corporate IT: state a business approach that allows IT to appear not only as a cost center, but to be defined as a service provider, partner to the users and to the general management.

Antoine Gourévitch