lundi 13 décembre 2010

Content of the book

Section I – Considering IT as a business
  • Which vision should IT support within the company?
  • How can it implement that vision?

Section II – Managing shareholders and clients
  • How to develop an IT strategy in line with the company’s stakes?
  • How to create the conditions of cooperation with the business lines?
  • Which products and services should the IT produce?
  • How to steer the strategy?

Section III – Steering the factory
  • How to ensure that fundamental elements are achieved: sustainable project steering and infrastructure?

Section IV – Managing the organization
  • How to act so as IT and business line players find their place?
  • What are the ingredients of a high-performance organization?

Section V – Transforming
  • When should one transform? How far should it go?
  • How to ensure that “during the works, the sale continues?”